Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a Wonderful Week-end !!!

Well Hello Gang!

I just had the most wonderful week-end! It was a long one with
no school yesterday! Yea...for me! I got a lot of work done...cleaning
house and of course Scrapbooking! I visited all three of the local
scrapbook stores here in Greenville and had a blast! But my fav
was to FINALLY work with and learn some techiniques regarding
the widely famous Copic Markers! Yes, I know I am late on that but
hey...it's been a minute........ and I am in GRAD school AGAIN! Ha!

Lastly...A note to all you stampers...you're slowly pulling me over to
the dark side...but I like it!


  1. muwahhahahah - evil laugh. Welcome to the dark side. Stamping is fun!!!!

  2. Love it Stephanie! You will love it on this side too. Signed, Stamper first :)


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